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Welcoming the Spring with W88: Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND

As Tet approaches across every street, there's nothing more exciting than playing Vietnamese games to welcome the Lunar New Year and win 250 VND every day at W88. It's a golden opportunity for passionate gamers and betting enthusiasts to enjoy Vietnamese games and bring home Tet gifts. Are you ready to join? Let's explore the hot promotion for the Year of the Tiger at w88 sports betting!

General Information About the Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day Program:

As Tet Nguyen Dan 2024 beckons, W88 brings you an unmissable event: Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day. From January 15, 2024, to February 15, 2024, every passing second is a golden opportunity for you to become the owner of valuable rewards.

Applicable Products:

During the promotional period, W88 members must ensure a minimum total wager of 2,400,000 VND per day. This applies to popular games such as Tai Xiu, Xoc Dia, Tien Len, Bai Cao, and Bau Cua. This is a necessary condition to qualify for rewards in the program.

Spring Welcome Rewards:

Level 1: Accumulate 20 betting tickets to receive a reward of 100,000 VND. Level 2: Accumulate 40 betting tickets or more to receive a reward of 250,000 VND. Special: If you play at least 6 days a week, you'll receive an additional 200,000 VND. To Receive Rewards From the Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day Program, You Need to Follow the Rules:

Each member can receive only 1 reward per day. The opportunity to receive rewards is open continuously throughout the promotion period. The program is only for the fastest 2024 bettors each day. Remember to successfully deposit every day to meet the reward requirements. Note that invalid bets will not be counted towards the total wager requirement. To withdraw bonus funds, you need to complete at least 2 betting rounds to ensure transparency and fairness in the gaming process. W88 reserves the right to change terms at any time to ensure fairness. Adhere to W88's general promotion rules for the fullest gaming experience.

How to Join the Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day Program:

To participate in the "Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day" promotion at W88 and start a rewarding Spring, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an Account or Log in to W88

If you already have an account, simply log in. If not, start creating a new account. Complete entering personal information and finish the registration process.

Step 2: Register for the Promotion

Access the promotions section and click on "REDEEM" to w88 registration for the program. This is an important step to confirm your participation in the event.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Make a deposit transaction into your W88 account. Make sure to deposit the minimum amount as required, at least 200,000 VND to meet the promotion's requirements.

Step 4: Choose Games and Adhere to Minimum Wager Requirements

Access the list of applicable games in the "Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day" program: Tai Xiu, Xoc Dia, Tien Len, Bai Cao, and Bau Cua. Remember that the minimum total wager per day is 2,400,000 VND to qualify for participation.

Step 5: Accumulate Betting Tickets and Claim Rewards

Strive to accumulate the required number of betting tickets daily to achieve the desired reward level (20 tickets for 100,000 VND, 40 tickets or more for 250,000 VND). If you bet at least 6 days a week, you'll receive an additional bonus of 200,000 VND. Rewards from the "Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day" promotion will be automatically updated to your account.

Step 6: Withdraw Funds

Expanding on the process of withdrawing bonus funds entails several important steps and considerations.

Firstly, after accumulating the requisite number of betting tickets and meeting the minimum wagering requirements, you become eligible to withdraw your w88 bonus codes funds. However, it's crucial to note that before initiating the withdrawal process, you must fulfill a specific condition, which typically involves completing at least two betting rounds.

Completing two betting rounds ensures that you have actively participated in the gaming experience, demonstrating your commitment to engaging with the platform and adhering to its guidelines. This requirement serves as a safeguard to prevent fraudulent activities and misuse of bonus funds.

Furthermore, as with any financial transaction, it's essential to pay close attention to the applicable rules and conditions governing the withdrawal process. These rules may include minimum withdrawal amounts, processing times, and any associated fees. By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines beforehand, you can streamline the withdrawal process and avoid any potential complications.

Once you've met all the requirements and complied with the platform's rules, you can proceed with the withdrawal of your bonus funds. This marks the culmination of your gaming journey, allowing you to reap the rewards of your efforts and enjoy the thrill of winning. Whether you choose to reinvest your funds in further gameplay or utilize them for other purposes, the satisfaction of achieving success in your gaming endeavors is yours to relish.

In essence, the process of withdrawing bonus funds is not merely a technicality but a pivotal moment that signifies your accomplishments within the gaming community. By following the established procedures and abiding by the platform's regulations, you can ensure a seamless and rewarding withdrawal experience, enabling you to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.


With the "Play Vietnamese Games and Win 250 VND Every Day" promotion, every bet you make is not just entertainment but also a "golden" opportunity to win amazing prizes. This Year of the Tiger, let W88 be your exciting playground. Welcome luck in the new year, win big with W88, and usher in a year full of luck and prosperity!

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